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Disney World Trip Report... 2 months Later. Part 2

Hey all, here is the second part (and hopefully last part) of my trip report from Walt Disney World.  I've got WDW music playing in the background, and ready to get this thing knocked out.  Thanks Magical Mouse Radio. Just a review of the last part, if you're too lazy to scroll down and look at the last instalment, the wife, mother-law and 3 year old son went to WDW for a week at the end of August 2011.  So far I have covered Saturday the 20th to Wednesday the 24th.  That is were the bulk of our fun and excitement lay.  This section is going to cover one new park, a couple of new restaurants and a conclusion.  Again, If I get some of the names or terms of the attractions, restaurants or anything else wrong at WDW, I apologize.  If you get butt hurt over something like that, please continue on to another blog.

Thursday was our Hollywood Studios day, and the only day we did not go back to the hotel for a rest.  The day began at the Contemporary resort, with the family enjoying a fine meal at Chef Mickey's.  This was mainly a trip for the boy.  I am not a big breakfast fan and I loathe breakfast buffets.  But the food was not too horrible.  The characters were great, we saw the Big 5 within 30 minutes.  I was surprised it didn't take that long, because it was crowded and loud.  After the meal, we headed for the bus stop and caught one to Disney's Hollywood studios.  At the time of our trip (and it probably still is) the biggest attraction at HS is Toy Story Midway Mania.  We arrived at the park about 35 to 45 minutes after opening and we booked it to Toy Story to get fastpasses.  When we got there the fastpass return time was already at 7 pm.  We had a dilemma, if we get the fastpass, we could not get another one until 7, and I really wanted to ride the new Star Tours, and did not know how long the wait for that would be.  We sucked it up and got the fastpasses for Toy Story.  I don't remember the exact order of how we did it but we saw Muppet Vision 3D, rode Star Tours 2.0 with only a 20 minute wait, Lights, Motor, Action and the Disney Junior show.  Muppets was good, Star Tours 2.0 was Spect-freakin-tacular.  I don't remember too many details of the original, but the new one was clean up to date and not as jerky.  The 3D was awesome.  It rained during Lights, Motor, Action.  I still don't believe certain people don't like that show. The Disney Junior show was actually pretty entertaining.  Not the show itself, but the 4 and under crowd going nuts when the characters were on the stage.  We had lunch at Hollywood and Vine, which is another buffet and a character restaurant.  This one had the characters of Disney Junior.  Tyler loved the crap out of this one, and the food was excellent.  I guess all the good food put Tyler out a little after lunch.  This is the only place he would sleep in the stroller.  We hit the shops at that time and watched the parade, eh.  Finally it was time for Toy Story Mania.  Even with fastpass it was still a 20 minute wait, but better than the 2 hour standby.  The ride was fun, Tyler really enjoyed the arcade game atmosphere and interacting with the ride.  It was him and I in one car with mom and grandma behind us.  Mom and grandma won.  But I blame that on me helping Tyler too much and not focusing on the task at hand.  Fantasmic was the next on the list, but decided to forgo it because Tyler probably would not have liked it.  We went back to the Poly, ate at Captain Cooks and watched Wishes once again from the beach (never gets old).

Friday and Saturday were pot luck days.  We had seen all of the parks and wanted to relax a little.  We spent most of our time at the resort, Downtown Disney and spent a few hours in the Magic Kingdom.  Downtown Disney is not my favorite "attraction," but it is nice to go to an area in Disney and not need a plan, just walk around and look.  We vistied the World of Disney several times, the Christmas store, and I visited the bar outside of Raglan Road several times.  That is where I discovered Arrogant Bastard Ale.  Thank you Irish speaking bartender for the recommendation.  Since our first trip turned into a Fantasy Land and Electro Magic Parade day, it was decided to head back int he mornings of Friday and Saturday and try to fit in some attractions.  Friday was Tommorow Land morning.  Space mountain, the Speedway and people mover were all hit.  But Tyler's favorite was the Teacups.  I know, it's in Fantasyland, but you can see it from Tomorrowland and we didn't ride it the first day.  Well this turned in to Tyler's favorite ride.  We rode it 3 more times and Tyler could have gone more.  Cindy and I could not.  After the teacups, we went back to the hotel for a little and then headed to Epcot for dinner at Le Cellier in the Canada pavillion.  Holy bat crap, that is probably one of the best steaks that I have ever tasted.  I got the strip and the wife got the fillet mignon.  Both were pretty freakin tasty.  Now I know why it cost 2 dining credits.  We finished dinner and did some shopping, and went back to the hotel.

On Saturday we headed back to the Magic Kingdom and hit Frontier and Adventure Lands.  Rode Pirates, Jungle Cruise (classic), Thunder Mountain and the train.  Had lunch and Pecos Bills with the massive fixins' bar, really good, and got my Dole Whip float from Aloha Isle.  That was good.  But if you don't already know, Frontier Land has the greatest restaurant in all of WDW property.  The turkey leg cart.  This thing contains the best smoked turkey leg in the history of mankind.  The 18 star chef at a Swan and Dolphin Restaurant couldn't get this right.  I have been to Disney World approximately 20 times in my life, and every time I get a Turkey leg from that cart in Frontier Land.  Yea It's that good.  After that morning we went back to the hotel and began to pack for the trip home.  It was a sad time, I really didn't want to go back.  But it was time, and I couldn't do anything about it.  Nothing spectacular happened Saturday night.  No fancy restaurant, no parks.  Just some sushi from Kona and some liquor and beer from the concierge lounge at the Poly.  

The trip home was uneventful.  We were all tired and kinda ready to get back into the grove of life.  

What I missed...
What I mean, is what I wanted to do, but was unable for some reason or another.  Soarin', Test Track, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Grey Goose Slushy, more time in the World Showcase, Innoventions, Sunshine Seasons, Flights of Wonder, Finding Nemo show, the Scorpion from the Tequila bar in Mexico (I tried and tried).  And that should do it.  As you can tell, most of it is from Epcot.  That place is so darn big and has so much.  That might need to be a 2 dayer next time.

We stayed for close to 10 days, including the first day with no park passes.  And as you can see from my list above, did not have enough time to do everything.  That is one thing someone is going to have to face when taking a trip to WDW.  Don't get your hopes up.

Not everybody is going to agree, and not everyone is going to like each other every single minute of the trip. Enough said on that.

When you have a small child.  It is their vacation.  You do what they want and can do.  Thankfully Tyler's grandmother was with.  He could wait with her while Cindy and I went on an attraction.  That was rare, as in, we only did it a couple of times.  Again, it is their trip, your stuff is thrown in if it can fit.

Go in with a touring plan.  That was our big mistake.  Yea, we decided what parks and restaurants we were going to hit on which day.  But winged it while in the parks.  A lot of time was spent asking "now what" and wasting a lot of time.

Take breaks in the summer heat, and figure out a way to bring a cooler with water into the parks.  They will save you.

Tyler's favorite ride:  The Monorail.  I am so proud.

Thank you for reading my trip report.  Hopefully on the next trip I'll have a laptop and write about it as it is going on.  I really don't know what was going on with the template today, didn't seem to work.  So if something looks weird or messed up, it's blogger's fault.  Hope you enjoyed it and stayed somewhat entertained.  I might come back with a couple of posts dedicated to restaurants and planning for the next trip.  Again, thank you.

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