Monday, September 26, 2011

Sick of it all

When I first started doing this thing, I promised that this would be about me, my training, my weight loss, and that I would not use this for a rant and rave.  But I must now break that rule and rant and rave about myself.

I was on weight watchers fro approximately 3 months and lost close to 20 lbs.  I have been off of it for a month and gained all but 2 pounds back.  I am mad at myself and sick that I did not have the will power to continue this path of weight loss.  I was doing so well, and decided one day to quit doing it.

I was training for a half marathon.  Granted my mileage was not high by any means, but I was consistently running 3 to 4 times a weeks at 3- 5 miles at a time.  I have been back from vacation for approximately 1 month, and have ran less than 5 times.  I was also doing well, and then just not have it in me to keep going.

Am I blaming my vacation for ruining what I had going on, no.  I am blaming myself for not having the will power to keep going when I got back home.  I knew that once I returned from this vacation that I would weigh a little more, because I was eating and drinking what I wanted.  I also knew that my running would suffer because I didn't strap on my Kinvaras once.  My half marathon time goal has changed from 2:45 to finish before the cut off time and hopefully don't die on the course.

I woke up this morning and decided to get back on track.  I could tell myself and leave it that, but decided to write about it for accountability.  I am back on the weight watchers and I am going to hit the road hard.  I have a new running plan and I plan on sticking to it as best as I can.  I have also started a push up and sit up routine. 

I did not write this so you can feel sorry for me, please don't.  I f**ked up and now I have to fix it.